Sarah has worked in the service industry for over 20 years providing services in the hair and creative industry, teaching fashion and hair services also working one to one with clients. Building trust and authentic relationships with people enabled her to develop a deep understanding with people and the energy of what people need over time. These skills developed a more profound energy of healing working through Sarah to others. Enabling others to truly feel the benefits of healing and shifts in awareness and consciousness.

After 20 years of working one to one on human heads (the emotional center chakra point) she developed a skill in transformational healing practice amplifying the healing ability through hands on work and her energy field. Collectively working with different kinds of people allowed Sarah to be able to channel divine energy and messanges for the individual and also messages from spirit guides and ancestors who have past should the energy need to come though at that time. This allows people to receive any massage they need at that time for growth and expansion. 

Sarah also have the ability to feel very deeply within her body if someone else feels pain emotional or physical and can even remove blocked energy from the individual if they are open to receive. As sarah can physically feel the pain and deep shadow from another it allows her to work on a deeper level of healing and profound shifts for the person allowing them to access deep shadows and parts thats has been covered for some time. Deep shadow and transformational work can take place as sarah has the ability of the seer the visionary and the truth seeker allowing authentic space to truly see what needs shifting.