Your own personal celestial guidance on tap, Bespoke, Unique, Subject to shift based on the divine plan in your highest enlightenment with your consent. One-on-one mentoring together with Sarah.

This program lasts for 90 days and requires a certain amount of commitment with time. Although it is for 90 day you will not be required to work on this everyday. The level of time committed depends on you and your dedication/the need for the practices, it is totally up to you how much energy and time goes into your personal package. It is designed to be flexible to your needs and lifestyle. The weekly check-ins form Sarah will help you decide how much you wish to commit based on your own timetable.

More information about the course is coming soon!

Mirror mirror on the wall

I will always get up after I fall. And whether I run,
walk or have to crawl. I will set my goals and achieve them all.

Workshop by Sarah Jayne Chesnais

Deep Transformational Healing Workshop.
Specifically Working With Mirroring And Shadow Work.

Authentic Relating Empowerment Circle

Donation 200 000 IDR

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