The Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman service consists of using different herbs, plant-based medicines, energy clearing with smoke herbs and other rituals appropriate for the persons personal situation.

Digging deep into the healing world, you can uncover that the earth knows best; everything we need to address whether it be sicknesses, emotional turmoil or disease are all found in nature. The services of Medicine Woman will help you discover what your body needs to move through in the healing process.

Shamanic Healing Techniques

Shamanic healing works with several types of healing modalities depending on the person’s needs. It is ceremonial based, and as you receive and take your journey with the intuitive guidance offered, you dive deep into energy transformation, which results in clearings.

During a session you may encounter a heavy clearing of energies and a release of clogged up energy systems. These blocked energies can cause the soul to be heavy and not in alignment with your true self. Your practitioner tunes into the specific shamanic practice needed for you and you simply relax and receive.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing works specifically with your Chakra energies, resulting in energy alignment and healing. It is a hands-on healing technique that is highly effective for emotional healing and clearing blockages. It identifies where the stagnant energy sits in your body, allowing for the room needed to release any suppressed emotions and trauma from your past.

These stuck energies are then freed up and released. Your energy body system then goes through a balancing, bringing you back into alignment. It is performed one-on-one and uses a hands-on technique, or it can also be sent as “distance healing”.

Also, psychic surgery can be performed through the modality of Reiki, should the person’s energy field and soul be open to this healing expression.

Reiki allows the person to dive deeper into the healing of the emotional body and sometimes you can even go into past life experiences, if that is needed to be cleared in this lifetime. Ancestors and loved ones who have passed onto the other side often come through the healing session to support the process and very often they communicate directly to the practitioner. Sometimes messages are transferred directly to the person, if you are open to receiving the messages.

Techniques also used in a Reiki session can combine specific crystals to suit the individual for healing and a hand-gong is used to help align energy and chakra systems.

Energy Healing

Energy healings assist with frequency balance for the individual, and healing can be channelled to the person through various energies that need to come through at the time. Tuning into your unique frequency allows the energy healing to reveal what is needed to come through at this point in your life. This results in you receiving clarity and balance. By channeling and working with spirit guides, ancestors, angels and guardians, significant healing can take place, and the direction forward for a person’s life direction can become clear. This particular modality can be helpful for those who have not delved much into the holistic healing world and are new to this type of healing, as it can reveal the necessary next steps to take on the path of transformation and the healing needed.

Divine Channelling Sessions

These healing sessions are specifically used for those who want direct questions answered by the divine creators, your guides, angels and ancestors. This allows for you to tune into whatever you want, for your highest good and the highest good of others involved. The process can allow for full alignment of your life at this present time for you. If you are ready to receive divine guidance and messages, this process is extremely beneficial for your growth.

These sessions specifically target questions and problems you may be experiencing at this specific time in your life. Often, precise clarity can be gained in the sessions. This is particularly useful for those feeling confused about certain parts of their life, and for those who want more concrete guidance that they are on the right path. It can help clear a foggy mind, one that is often full of indecisions about certain life choices and create true clarity of one’s life purpose and direction. It’s very powerful in that only information that you are ready for, at this point in your life, is channelled through, and nothing will come through that you are not ready to hear. Ancestors and loved ones that have passed over can also be channelled. Often they come through and give specific messages. This is only if the person is open to receiving these divine messages.

Oracle Card Readings

This technique uses Oracle Cards for readings for guidance and clarity on love, personal relationships, our life’s purpose and much more. Using the cards can be beneficial for those who like to see “visuals”. The cards are direct messages for you, and are channelled through the divine. The cards can be used for many different purposes, however, they always provide clarity. Sometimes you are are clear on a question, however if no question comes to mind, person you simply surrender. The deck in turn speaks to you directly and it can be delightfully surprising to see what comes through on the day.

What do oracle cards tell you?

The cards can be used daily for reflection, meditation, or in a tarot-inspired spread and helps you to develop your intuition, self-love, inner beauty, and emotional well-being. Oracle cards are a tool to add to your magical and spiritual practice.

Psychic Channelling and Readings

The psychic channelling session combines with the Oracle card reading and allows you to go to a more profound and deeper level. Often messages come through while having an Oracle card or Tarot card reading, enabling further development within the reading session. The combination of the two, significantly increases the amount of information coming through. It allows you to tap further into what each card represents, and opens up your energy field. Psychic channelling can come through on a number of subjects. Again ancestors, angels and spirits are working with you. These guides are from the higher realm. They are working with you, and come through to guide you, to be in alignment with your purpose and higher self.