The concept of “healing hive Bali” is based on the earth and our relationship with the honey bee. Without the honey bee, humans would not survive.

The honey bee works hard to collect its golden elixir nectar and bring it back to the colony in the hive. The honeycomb is then crystallised and created into the honeycomb, allowing for the continual hexagon of life and creation.

Healing Hive Bali aims to bring people together with the concept of community and togetherness. The aim is to come together in a space where everyone has the position of the Queen/ King Bee, allowing people to lay their eggs of wisdom in the hive and to watch them crystallise into golden nectar. By coming together, it enables more energy and expansion of healing.

Creativity amplifies, allowing all the busy beeings to become one in supporting each other in growth and expansion of the new earth.

Healing Hive Bali is passionate about the earth and the ecosystem; therefore creating interest in helping others reach sustainability in whatever business or community it is that they are working with, as we beelieve that anything that’s out of alignment within the new earth will simply not make it through into the golden age.

We are inspired and excited about helping others rise into the highest version of themselves, and their businesses, for the new earth, and we aim to do so in collaboration with others as we beelieve the power is in collective. Coming together as one, a support network creates a colony of sustainability and new earth.

Healing Hive Bali also supports a local vegan bee farmer who makes it his aim to protect the busy bees and has formed a co-op of 80 wild bee farmers, on the slopes of Mount Agung. We want to do the same for our people. It’s time we join our collective consciousness and when we are all rise into our power, we show the world the skill sets we have all cultivated over the years. Over time, some have been too afraid to come out and share their magic. We beelieve that it’s just as important to support each other, as it is to create, in both our own individual journey, as well as expanding into a thriving business. As one rises, another rises too. When one is healed, all is healed.

The aim is to reach as many “awakened people” as possible around the world and to continue to bring this new earth and expansion forward with ease and grace, having support from others also on the same journey.